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External Scripts not working with JScript

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It took me forever to find out that I'm supposed to somehow know to use WScript.Echo("some text"); Or at least was supposed to at some point/version to actually return anything.

However, in version it always returns:
Input Error: There is no script engine for file extension ".js".

I downloaded the sample scripts and these are throwing that error as well for the javascript ones.

Any ideas on how to get it to work or confirmation that it's not just my machine or me doing something wrong?


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I'm not sure on anything I mention here. Just a couple quick things. I don't use JS scripts. 

I'm pretty sure you need the Java run-time installed on your computer. I think that means you should have a Java console in your control panel. Mine says "Jaxa (32 bit)". You also might want to check your version of Java. 

Check your anti-virus protection. I have found with other scripts that AV software will often block them from executing like that. Might try to temporarily disable AV. 

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Javascript is different than Java (e.g. your browser runs javascript without java being installed) so I don't think that's it but regardless I do have the latest version of Java installed.

For antivirus I'm using windows defender but disabling it didn't change anything with the scripts. It also doesn't have anything in the threat history.

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I tried using another computer and it worked just fine. More searching online revealed that this was a Windows related error and nothing to do with macro express. I resolved it using the info from this site https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/error-there-is-no-script-engine-for-file-extension-when-running-js-files/

I can't say exactly what registry edits at are being made to Windows when you run this, as I'm not that knowledgable in this area, but I ran the attached file and things are working fine now.


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