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Is there a change log? How about upgrades?

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Hi All, I've been away from the forum since 2015 because I've been experimenting with Autohotkey.  I thought I'd check and see if there are any new cool developments here.  Has much changed with MEpro?  I looked for a "change log" of some type on the homepage, but couldn't find one.  

Also, If anyone remembers...  What version was MacroExpressPro in 2015??  I thought I remembered having the most recent version in 2015, but I'm searching my emails, and the most recent product purchase I can find is for "MacroExpress Pro" (no version number) from December of 2008.  

I don't really want to pay the 7.95 USD for them to look up my code (i.e. "Purchase Protection"), then find out that I'm not even eligible for upgrade pricing...    What do you guys think?  Are there many improvements?  Is Pro 6 worth an additional 69.95?  

EDIT:  Actually I did just find a Revision History.  It only seems to cover versions 4 and 6 though(?)  


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The main differences between the old Pro (Version 4) and the new Pro (Version 6) are in the details. I find the new version easier to use because virtually all parts of the interface are fully keyboard accessible. There were gaps in the old version that hindered my workflow: back and forth between mouse and keyboard. My Macro Express scripts that simplify operation of Macro Express work better now.

There is another reason to consider upgrading. Macro Express is a niche product. If those of us who rely on it want to see it continue, it's a good idea to send a little money in the direction of its developers! The last time I paid for a Macro Express upgrade was ten years ago, so I don't begrudge spending a few dollars to support future maintenance of the product.

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You raise a good point about supporting the developers!

I was never able to find my v4 reg code, but I did find an old bug report I had emailed, that did indicate I was using v4, so I knew I had purchased it at some point.  As such, I went ahead and bought the v4 to v6 upgrade.  The macros.com folks have already confirmed my eligibility and sent me a v6 code.   :)   

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