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Trick for importing old .~mex files?

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It's been a while since I've had MEPro on my machine, but in my OneDrive folder I have an old backup folder with the following contents:

Address Book.txt
macex (swkunkel v1).mex


I'm 99% sure these are ME Pro v4 files.  I can't seem to import/open/restore them with Pro v6.  Should they work, or are they just too old?  


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6 should be able to open them. I wouldn't import until saw what was in them first. Don't forget, you can have multiple MEX files open at the same time. 

What error message to do you get when you try to import?

You might want to change the backup extensions to remove the tilde. 

MacEx is the default file. Given that you created "macex (swkunkel v1).mex" they're probably empty files. It was the default I think. So these look like automatic backups of yoru default MEP file. Possibly nothing in them. The "macex (swkunkel v1).mex" is probably the only one with anything you want. 

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Eh, Sorry for the false alarm...  It was a problem with my OneDrive folder.   I moved them to a different location and now they work fine.  (I'm glad.  Those macros represent a lot of hours of tinkering! )

Thanks for the reply Cory!

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