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Just some MEp inspired icons for fun...

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I recreated the red M MacroExpressPro logo image with the monitor behind it and the mouse in front of it.  Then I did other letters, then numbers, then other colors.   It's a pretty good re-creation of the image, but unfortunately most of the letters are not really discernible at 16x16 pix (which is what the ME macro editor uses).   The attached zip has 288 icons, and also an .ICL icon library that has them all in the one ICL file.  

Bonus tip:  When editing a macro, when you go to choose a different icon for it, if you start with the default "M", then the icon browser seems to always go to the default of looking at the main app--such as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6\MacExp.exe."  You can take advantage of this behavior by naming the library "MacExp.icl" and putting it in the same location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6) as the exe file.  Now, rather than having to browse to find the new icon at a different location, just click in the filename path and delete "exe" and replace it with "icl" then hit enter.  This will make it a little easier/quicker to access the icons.  

Disclaimer:  There aren't any malware things or adverts or anything.   Just 288 icons and an icon library.  The icon library doesn't have anything other than the 288 icons.  And....  Obviously I don't plan on making any money from these--since I'm probably breaking multiple copyright laws by copying this image!  😁 It's just for fun and for use by forum members.  







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I'm trying to see if I can make those 16x16 ones more readable...  Will post if successful.  ...Also if I don't lose my electricity...  I'm in Western Washington, US, I don't think it's ever snowed so much here!  

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Version 2.   Please see explanation/description above.

I "simplified" the 16x16 ones so it is easier to make out the letter/number. 

Screenshot (same icon files, just large and small) 


EDIT:  Bah!

The version 2 icons don't seem to preview correctly with the default setting in the MEpro icon selector dialog...  I don't know why.    The 128pix image of the icons also don't show up correctly in XYplorer.  They do in other explorers and 3 different icon editors though--so I don't know.... 

Anyway, I'm finished working on these for a while.  




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I noticed there are some icon libraries that come with MEp, in the Program Files folder.  One of them appears to be mostly re-purposed Windows icons.  As such, I thought I'd also share a library that I made, which is composed entirely of icons that are re-purposed from the Windows OS.  It the previously posted tip, I mentioned putting the library in the location that MEp looks in by default, and giving it a similar name.  That is the reason that this library got named "SHELL32b.dll."    The default icon picker in Windows looks in "%SystemRoot%\System32\SHELL32.dll" so I put the library there and just add the "b" to then name.  Anyway...  The library was actually compiled into an .ICL library then I just renamed it into a .DLL file.  So you can change it back to "something.icl" if you want.  

I'll try to post this (large) screenshot as a link:  https://i.imgur.com/Pgcn5xo.png


EDIT:  As with the other link I posted, there are no nasties.   Just a bunch of icons.  527 icons to be exact.  That's about the most that can be crammed into a library.  


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