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"Relative to Window" Failure


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Using the "Mouse Locator", I identified the "Active Window" coordinates and placed these in the "Movement" section of the "Mouse Commands". I then select "Relative to Window" in the "Mouse Commands". However, the macro does not select that coordinate point on the active window. I have an "Activate Window Only" line just above the "Mouse Move Window" line and I also click on the window, itself, to ensure that it is active. Every time I run the macro, the mouse pointer is moved to the bottom of the screen and this is far from the active window.

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if moving the mouse relative to the window, you don't need to know the coordinates of that window.  x=0, y=0 are automatically the coordinates of the top left corner of the window.  The four lines of code below click on the X at the upper right to close just about any window, full screen or partial screen.  Even for this, you don't need to know the location of the window, just its width.  Of course, if you move the mouse to a position greater than either window height or window width, it will be outside of the window.     


  Variable Set Integer %N30% from Width of Window
  Variable Modify Integer: %N30% = %N30% - 14
  Mouse Move Window %N30%, 9
  Mouse Left Button Click

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