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ME3 does not see an executable file which windows explorer does


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I am trying to launch snippingtool.exe in windows 7 using ME3 activate/launch program command. when I try to browse to and select the executable file "snippingtool.exe" in the C:\Windows\System32\ directory it doesn't appear...see attached file. Its there when i navigate to it using windows explorer...what's going on ?


Thanks, John


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I can reproduce the problem on my PC, which is running ME and Windows 7.  But I don't know the solution.  If I type in the program name and checkmark the box "Bypass File Existence Check" in the Program Launch command, then the macro fails with "program not found" when I run the macro. 

ME on Windows 10 behaves the same. 


Somewhere along the way, I believe Windows introduced some freaky cataloging/registering technique for executables, where they couldn't be run by the customary methods.  I never did understand it and still don't, and in fact I may have dreamed it but I don't think so.  Do a google search???


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