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I wanna make a Macro that press the Up arrow key for x(dont realy matter) amount of sec every 3 min for like how long i want (need it for a program, think i know how to choose that specific program).

So if someone can tell me how im gonna do it it would be nice.


Tried several times myself, but i cant get it working =(

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Just shooting from the hip:


There is no text type command to hold an arrow key down like Shift Down so I reckon the best you can do is to have a repeat. In the repeat you would have a Text Type that would enter the Arrow Up and then have a 100mS delay or whatever. Before that you would ask the user for how many seconds and then multiply that time 10 (or inverse of the delay time if it’s variable) and have it repeat that many times. Then have that in a repeat loop that has a 3 minute delay so it runs every three minutes. Or better yet use the scheduler to fire it ever 3 minutes.

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