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Copying bookmarks from PC to iOS?

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Before I tackle this myself I'm hoping maybe someone has already done some similar work and is happy to share?


In the absence of specific freeware, which I'm also seeking, I'd like a macro that would quickly copy a bookmark (or multiple bookmarks) to my iPhone and two iPads. Without having to connect each device to the PC. (I do have iTunes installed but hate using it.)

I have a Dropbox account so that possibly offers one starting point.

Ideally, with a web page selected in Firefox (or Waterfox mostly in my case) I'd like to be able to copy it automatically to the iOS Safari bookmarks.



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I'm not familiar with the iOS side of things, but most PC based browsers let you export your bookmarks from within the bookmark manager.  I think they get exporter/saved as a standard HTML file, so maybe you could import that into Safari (?)

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 Thanks, yes, it is possible to export from Waterfox as an HTML. That's ALL bookmarks though, probably over a thousand here. (Time to prune!) I can then open it via Dropbox on the iPhone or iPad and then find and open the one I want (then re-save its bookmark). But that would be slower even than emailing myself the specific URL etc. So I'm still hoping for a neater solution, albeit not optimistically. Maybe the intuitive email route is the best I can do.

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