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ME6: txtbox display minimum size

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ME6.1.1.1, Win xp sp3, 1024x768
ME6: txtbox display minimum size change:
I have many "text box display's". I cannot size the windows to MY sizes(the height is restricted to 103{px?} minimum & width to 108 minimum).
using ME4.9.0.1 the min height was 27. Some of my height settings are 45.
I have my  text boxes set to fit & work with other programs(many ancient). This has been  so since ME2.

Stan "checked with one of our developers about this. It looks like there was a change made to have a minimum size so that the OK button would fit in the window. Unfortunately there is not a way to make it smaller."

This is ridiculous.  I NEED to locate & change the (MacScript.exe?) bytes setting this height back to at least 45. Does someone know the offset location for this?
The baby was thrown out with the bathwater......
Thanks in advance,
Greg Chichester

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Yes, I may do that. I have been faithful since ME2 & hate to 'abandon' updates for an excellent tool.

The idea that a window size restriction for ALL is hard to accept.

I would think a "Macro" for JUST the "OK" button would suffice. (baby & bathwater syndrom)



(Of course, the $34.00 has a very slight bearing on the situation)

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