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Hi, I hope I could get some help, I'm pretty new to making macros, know a little. Basically, I would like for a user to choose various options in 3 multiple choice menus. This information is then entered into notepad. I have this done BUT based on one of my multiple choice prompts - I wanted macro express to enter the date 30 days in the future, 90 days in the future (within notepad), depending on what the user chooses.

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The Date/Time command gets the date and has options to adjust the date a specified number of days, months, hours and minutes into the future or the past. You can put a variable containing the number of days (or months, hours and minutes) into the Date/Time command. Here is a macro fragment that demonstrates getting the date:

Variable Set Integer %N1% to 30
Date/Time: Save "dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy" into %T1%

<IVAR2:01:01:30><DT:dddd, MMMM dd, yyyyT:01:3:{P0%N1%}{F00000}{P00000}{P00000}>

To complete your macro, add a Multiple Choice Menu to select how many days, set N1 appropriately, and use the Date/Time command to get the date. Then, once you have the date, you will need a few macro commands to put the date into Notepad.

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