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Macros don't work in Microsoft Edge

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I have a set of macros that I regularly use in Chrome and Firefox but in Edge, it's like Macro Express is even loaded.  Literally, nothing happens when I hit the hotkeys.  Has anyone an idea what the problem is and how to fix it? 


I'm using Macro Express 5 (v. in Windows 10 (v.10.0.17134 Build 171734)


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Gee, that's not what I wanted to hear. ☺️


I suppose there isn't much of a chance that Macro Express will be updated so it can be used in UWP applications.  


I don't need Edge, but I was curious how the macros worked in Edge on a forum I participate in.  Now I know not to use it.


Thanks for the info.  It is appreciated.




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Thanks for the link, Cory.

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney criticized UWP for being a walled garden … "the most aggressive move Microsoft has ever made" in attempting to transform PCs into a closed platform …


I’m going to put that jar back on my desk, soliciting contributions for my Send Bill Gates to Jail Fund.  Since Win 7, I feel Windows has become harder and harder to work with unless you follow the approved Microsoft path – too much dumbing down and loss of user control.  If I didn’t have such an investment in ME macros, I’d sure enough be looking at going to Linux instead of to Win 10.  


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Regarding the current released version of Microsoft Edge:


Due to updated security features in the Microsoft Edge browser macro activations no longer work in Edge. We worked with Microsoft over a number of months to find a solution but they will not be making a change to restore functionality in Edge. They issued the following statement:


"... the app design is not supported for use with Edge, and there are no known APIs that can be leveraged to perform the same workflow. Unfortunately, there is nothing much we could do from our side from here onwards."


It is possible that if you and enough other customers report this issue to Microsoft they may reconsider this decision.


All activations work in other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


HOWEVER, the macros work with the beta version of the Chromium Powered Edge browser.  Unless they make a change to intentionally disable the APIs used by Macro Express it looks like we will be able to use Macro Express with Edge going forward.


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