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Installing Using PowerShel

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I am trying to install Macros Express 5 using PowerShell to deploy to multiple users. I added a .txt document with all the custom options added to it and named it MEProSetup.txt.


INSTALLPATH=C:\Program Files\Macro Express


When I run the command Execute-Process -Path 'MacExp5.exe' -Parameters "/S /M=$dirFiles\MEProSetup.txt" In a Powershell script is ends up installing the default properties.

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Sounds odd. I had two clients that I had automated installers for using the facilities in MEP but that was long ago. Do you get the same results if you do the same tings from a batch file?

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Never tried a batch file because I wanted to avoid having to create another file. I know seems laziness, but trying to just simplify the process. The script is utilizing the AppDeployToolKit program being widely used in corporate environments. Do you have an example of a .bat file that could be used?

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I'm sorry, no. That was a long time ago. But the documentation in the help file should be adequate. 

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