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I'm new to ME


I tried using GET CONTROL


in the AVG anti virus program


the control is found and assigned to C1, but running the macro

causes an error


Is there a way that the program (AVG) can disable

a control, so that ME cannot click on the control?



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I'm still rather new to Macro Express myself, but I'll give you my experience in case that helps. (Also, I'm using a slightly older version of Macro Express,


I suspect you may be clicking on the control before it's become active. Clicking on an inactive conrol causes the older version of ME to crash, I imagine in the newer version that's been fixed to just "give an error" as you describe.


Try using a "Wait" statement to wait for a fraction of a second after the window appears before grabbing and clicking the control. This helped me with a problem similer to the one you describe.

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