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One idea would be upgrading to the latest Macro Express release. Version 3.5e.

As I said in previous thread, I have had to go back to 3.5d...

I am not sure what was changed, or corrected, but I think the windows for "copying files" and "deleting files" are behaving differently than before.

Is this deliberate , and a "fix", or a bug?

Thanks, Randall

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Hello Randall!


Something may have been changed. The following two notes are in the WhatsNew.txt file.


2. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Delete File/Files command.

5. Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur after performing some kind of file operation in the Macro Explorer.

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You know now that you mention it I too have had some odd problems with e. I had a macro I was working on and had problems with unexpected windows in QuickBooks but had to bail off of it for a couple of months. When I started on it again I upgraded to e and now when the same unexpected windows would pop up ME would frag. It made it real difficult to debug and more than once it lost my changes. Thing is I was experiencing the same problems before on d and it didn’t blow up then. Hmmmm…..

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