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Is there a way to always show the green running man on the taskbar

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I figured out that when a MEP macro runs another MEP macro the green running man disappears from the taskbar notification area. I have many macros set up this way and didn’t have this issue in ME3. Is there a way to keep the green running man icon showing in the taskbar area. I have employees that use ME3, I would like to upgrade them to MEP, but I’m afraid they will be confused by this.

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I don't see that behaviour here. The green icon remains while any submacro is running (i.e. any macro started from a Macro Run command).


I'm using Win 10 Pro 1803 build 17134.885, with MEP


Can you write and upload a simple example macro that exhibits the problem so that we can try to reproduce the issue.

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I'm using 3 various Win 7 machines and also Server 2008 r2 service pack 3. I've seen the issue on all so far.

After playing with this for some time I have figured out that the problem may be somewhat different than I originally thought.


In the icon settings, I can choose the choice on the green running icon to "show Icon and Notifications". When I run a macro and even macros that have sub-macros it works correctly and shows the entire time. What I'm finding is that if I restart my computer, run a macro the green icon will show but if I right click on it and halt it, it will no longer show on any macro after that. Also when the computer is restarted the icon setting for the green man reverts back to "'Only Show Notifications".


On my work computers I have witnessed often the green icon show then disappear usually with macros running sub-macros, though I'm having trouble recreating the issue on my home computer right at the moment. I have a feeling it is part of the same issue as above.

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I've tried to reproduce your newly described behaviour but still in vain. Left or right clicking the running man icon always terminated the macro during a dozen or so tests. However I have in the past had to resort to the Task Manager, but recall they usually proved due to some inexplicable problem with the specific macro.


But in case I've not fully understood your description: where is the setting "'Only Show Notifications" ? Do you mean Options > Preferences>General>Dialogs>Display program is running notification ?


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Once I right click on the running man icon and it halts or terminate the macro then on the next run of the same macro the running man is not on the in the notification area on the task bar like the 1st picture. You would have to push the little up arrow to show the hidden icons (2nd picture) at which point you can right click to halt the macro. This also the area where the settings are for the notification icons like "show Icon and Notifications","Only Show Notifications ". Press customize, see 2nd picture.


On the picture I attached, on the left is the up arrow/ triangle. Once you push that arrow this is where the running icon would be after halting the macro (if you run the same macro again, 2nd picture). Interestingly, if you run a different macro the running icon shows properly in the notification area (which would be to the right of the little up arrow in the picture). Until you halt it that is, then issue starts up again on the next run of that same macro.



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I think this is the default Window 7 notification area. It is about 20% of the screen width. I think it expands if I have more icons set to "show notifications". I cant't expand it by pulling it over like I can with the Quick Launch.


The green running icon issue must be with older Windows programs.


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OK,  so that arrow is unrelated to MEP:



Try to get a consistently repeatable situation in which the running man icon disappears while a macro is demonstrably running (e.g. a message is being displayed by it). Then show us full details so that we can pursue further.


I'm sure you've eliminated the possibility that the customisation arrow, being closely alongside, is getting accidentally clicked?


I've had my share of intermittent and inconsistent quirks with MEP over many years (with Win XP and Win 10) so I know how exasperating they can be!




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