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Uninstall Programs With A Macro


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Installing programs should be very easy. To install a program you just need to execute the installation program. Use the Program Launch macro command.


Uninstalling a program is a little more difficult. If you know the pathname of the uninstaller program, you should be able to run it using the Program Launch macro command. However some programs put their uninstaller programs in less obvious places.


When you manually remove a program, you use the Add/Remove Control Panel applet. You could write a macro to automate the keystrokes and mouse clicks you would take to run the uninstaller.


The information listed in the Add/Remove Control Panel applet is stored in the registry. You may have some success having your macro search through the registry. But, this could be dangerous. An error in your macro could damage your registry. In severe cases a damaged registry could make your computer unbootable.

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