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How Do I Stop A Running Macro?


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The programming language is hard for me to understand, but I can find enough info to justify what I paid for Macro Express.. in the first 5 macros I created.


What I found that works great with Macro Express is the Nostro 50 game pad.. don't need Nostro 52 game pad


I never came close to using all the buttons, but when I programmed the buttons I always used 3 digit numbers.. key 1 = 001, key 10 = 010


The default activation key in macro express is ## but you have to use shift, but this key ` ` is used for almost nothing and You do not have to use shift so I made the ` my activation key in the default set up


Any key I push on my key pad will generate ``001 .. ``010 ..


When I create any macro I use ``and any 3 digit number.


The advantage is you can activate any macro you want with a single key stroke on the game pad after you assign the 3 digit numbers to your key pad


Some times when you try to stop a macro with the right mouse, the cursor is doing something .. but the key board Scroll/lock Pause does it pretty quick, but if you get used to the key pad, it is super fast.

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