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Is It Possible To Do This?


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Hi. I'm new here and new to macro/macro express. I was wondering if it was possible to do this:


If a color appears on my screen (or set of colors), is it possible for a new 'reaction' or 'macro command' start up?




If a color appears on my screen (or set of colors (lets say red)), and those colors are say an inch on my screen from where another color is (lets say blue) that another macro command would start up? Thanks




For the second question, look at the example I made:


X..........0 (x being red and 0 being blue, nothing would happen here)


X...0 (x being red and 0 being blue, my mouse would move somewhere,


or something would be typed, etc.)


Thanks again.

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you cannot trigger a macro when a color appears ...


what you can do is create your own macro that will continuously scan your screen, looking for this color (of anything else), and call a second macro when it appears ... but such a macro would be quite slow so if you're looking for a "real time trigger", it won't fit ! I don't think ME can scan all pixels of your screen in less than 5 or 10 seconds (maybe more), and it will be even slower if you're looking for two pixels separated by a given distance.


if you know that these colors appear on a large area of your screen, you can look at a subset of all pixels (for instance X every 5 pixels, Y every 5 pixels : you'll scan only 1/25th of all your screen) but for your second idea it is much more difficult : you would first need to find a pixel with the first color, then look at a given area around this pixel using a well known formula :

(x-x0)^2+(y-y0)^2=your distance

where (x0;y0) is the position of your first pixel


i'm really not sure ME is the best candidate for this task :unsure:

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