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good day. I'm trying to use macroexpress to pass simple text commands to some hardware and monitor responses via hyperterminal.


for example


I enter "ver<enter>" and receive "Base Station Rev 1.01b"


How do I monitor the response in hyperterminal and compare vs a known expected response?




edited for minor typo

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ok, I found a way around this, but don't know how to parse text from a text file to compare with "known good"


I can capture text to file from hyperterminal and have notepad open up the file indicating the command and the response. how do I parse the file for the response and compare against a "known good" string?


Then, I'll <CTRL>A and delete and then save the file.


Enter new command in hyperterminal, and repeat, parsing the text file, deleting the text, saving text file, etc.

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In brief, use "Text File Process" to string, say "T1"/ endprocess loop;

in the loop ; compare T1;

Variable Set String %T2% "Not Found"

// Put in your file path and name here

Text File Begin Process: "Answer.txt"

  If Variable %T1% contains "Known Good"

    Variable Set String %T2% "Found"

    // Exit here if you only need to find one instance

    Repeat Exit

  End If

Text File End Process

Text Box Display: After

<TVAR2:02:01:Not Found><REM2:Put in your file path and name here><BTFBEG:001:000001:000000:C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\Answer.txt><IFVAR2:1:01:7:Known Good><TVAR2:02:01:Found><REM2:Exit here if you only need to find one instance><EXITREP><ENDIF><BTFEND><TBOX4:T:1:CenterCenter000278000200:000:AfterT1=%T1%


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