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How do i create a script on ME that can copy from a table on a pdf documment  and paste to a website that looks like this:


(before you can copy to each box, it needs to be clicked on to be editable). The pdf document takes the same 2 by 4 table.

i am not familiar with scripts and i just started learning about them today so i would really appreciate if it is explained in the easiest terms.

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Others are more knowledgeable than me...  But I will say that your form looks like it can probably be navigated via <Tab>.  It might take extra tabs to get past those little buttons on the right.   So <Paste Variable 1><Tab><Paste Var 2><Tab><Tab><Tab><Tab><Tab><Paste Var 3><Tab><Paste Var 4>  etc.  However, getting your table out of a PDF document, will be a bit trickier.  I'm not even sure how to approach that. 

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@steynak: it would help us to help you if you show us the macro you have tried and describe the results you get.


@kunkel321: I’m assuming that by ‘scripts’ the OP means ME scripts, I.e. commands. If not then he/she will no doubt tell us what type of external scripts.

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Start by seeing what the string looks like on your clipboard by pasting it into a text editor. You will want to use Variable Modify String commands to get the text into your desired variables. Then it's like what kunkel321 said. You will want to activate the web window and tab through the fields, pasting each variable as you go. 

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