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Window controls for chrome website?

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I have a macro that opens a website, logs in and then does a few clicks to download files.  This is setup and working normal on my PC when i am logged on but i am trying to recreate this macro on a VM so that it can run when i am not actively using it. Does anyone have an example of something similar they have got to work with controlling chrome? I have been trying to use the window controls, i have have it set to use chrome and get to the website but i can't get it to activate the login text box. A single tab keystroke after the page loads should set focus to the login box and i did try sending a tab to the control but doesn't work. I tried doing mouse click on control but doesn't seem to do anything either. Wondering if this is possible or doing something wrong. 

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I have had little luck capturing and dealing with Window Controls of web pages. At best, I've been able to use Window Controls to zero in on the top left corner of the window itself, or depending on the browser and its version, the top left corner of the active window (i.e., the area underneath menus and toolbars.)


Windows Controls are good to know about because of the possibility of getting programmatic access to an application. But for web pages and web-based apps, you may be forced to use less programmatic approaches, e.g., pixel colour changes, mouse cursor shapes, and so on.

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VM, Remote Desktop sessions and the like all shut down the GUI interface when not displayed. It simply will not work. Not for web pages or anything. Non GUI interacting macros will run fine. 

I used to use VNC which connects to the console of a desktop computer. I don't know if it will work with a VM. 

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