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Can a macro repeating 20x, each time put different text in 1 box?

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does this only apply to ME Pro?  I'm usnig the regular 5.0


Did you try it?



What about the t before FileName?  -  %tFilename%

You need to read the comments in my original macro more thoroughly.

// Create a variable with a name of your choice. (Note that I prefix mine with a 't', 'n', etc, to identify the TYPE of variable, but that's a personal preference.)”


Re your latest query, you’re on your own now to apply in Facebook what you’ve learned about setting variables and using Repeats.

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When I start working on a macro, many times I wish there was a "Save As" feature. Maybe there is and I haven't found it. I'd like to save the macro as 1,2,3 etc in various stages of development in case I need to go back.
Right now what I'm doing is going to the main ME window and choosing to copy a macro. Then I have 2 versions the old one and the new one I'm editing. A little awkward, but a workaround
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Thanks so much for your help on my macro. I was able to get the new Facebook macro to work just fine. As of now it's pretty slow I needed to put delays in there to make it work. Later I can trim it up some, but it's really designed for me to let it run and walk away from the computer for a while.
The way I handled it was to use the 1 1 macro folder I created with all the 1kb TXT files and simply rename the files to the music group names. What's nice is I can simply put whatever files I want to put in there and post to what groups I want to. Next song I do I can change it up how I want.
All I need to do is to put the correct number of repeats in there and also paste my custom comments for each song I want to do. I simply copied and pasted some of the commands from the macros we were working with into my new macro
I used Window activate: to move the focus to "1 1 macro" folder and the Chrome App.
At the very end of the macro I use TABs to get to the bottom of the window and choose Post. While getting the kinks out of the macro I simply disabled the last TAB command so it would instead click on Cancel instead of Post.
I'm sure there were other ways I could have accomplished inserting the Music Groups names in. I originally thought there would be a TXT file for this, yet using the file names like we used in our practice sessions worked just fine and is actually flexible. So again thanks for all the help and patience.
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