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Write and read values to the Registry

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I've never used Macro Express to interface with the Windows Registry. But now I have an idea for a script that would "remember" a setting from the previous run time. 


Are there certain areas of the Registry I should avoid reading and writing values to? Are some areas "safer" than others?


For example, could I add a key called "My Values" here without causing problems?


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express 6\My Values

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Hi Terry,


I created a new key in the registry and the macro has been saving the retrieving the data as I hoped it would.


But now I realize I could also save the data in a file, which would be less risky.


Variable Modify String: Save %SavedValue% to "C:\Users\Me\Documents\Test.txt"
Variable Set String set %SavedValue% to the contents of C:\Users\Me\Documents\Test.txt	


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There is nothing inherently risky about saving data in the registry as long as you know and remember which registry area (key) you use. Using the registry may be somewhat faster than reading from a file. However, depending on what your macro is doing, you may not notice the difference.


There is a potential side effect of using values in the area of the registry (registry key) that Macro Express uses such as this:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express 6\My Values


When you export the Macro Express settings (Tools, Export Program Configuration) and then import them either later (Tools, Import Program Configuration) Macro Express will display a warning about the registry keys and values that it does not recognize.


It is pretty safe to use other areas of the registry such as 



You could also use something like this:

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express Data

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