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Package macro for distribution?

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Each machine running the macros will need an MEP license and have MEP installed.

There's not a means of distribution per se, but I have had installations at companies where all worked from one macro file over the network. 

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The cost of Macro Express is fairly modest, and for many (perhaps most) small- and medium-sized organizations, the cost of installing Macro Express on every machine is not prohibitive.


Several years ago, I supported an organization whose staff relied on Macro Express. IT deemed that the .mex file must be stored on a network drive. Because the Macro Express files were updated once in a blue moon, and because the users never touched the Macro Express files,  I didn't see any particular advantage of storing the .mex file on the network, especially since there were occasional network bottlenecks that caused Macro Express scripts to execute slowly or fail. Placing a copy of Macro Express of each PC would have simplified everything.

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