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Macro to disable Avast until reboot.

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I'm asked to enter a variable out of the four on offer. By trial and error I found that 'ENVIRONMENT variables' has the option of Program Files where Avast is located. I'm able to edit that into C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast\ - then there are many EXEs to choose from. I do not want to LAUNCH Avast, but want to access the context menu of the systray icon - which EXE to choose ? Clicking AvastUI.exe opens the  Avast Free Antivirus which MIGHT lead to the choice I want, but  

MOVE MOUSE TO TRAY ICON Icon="C:\\Program Files\\Avast Software\\Avast\\AvastUI.exe


does not open that window.


When I click on BROWSE, I get what I think are Notification options, rather than a list of the icons in the systray.


Tray icon.JPG

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There was some discussion long ago about some of the tray icons not being apparent. First thing I'd say is make sure you are running MEP as an administrator. But if that doesn't work, look back at the posts here about some of the icons not being available in the system tray. 

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