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I've always had the option shown enabled. But today various normally reliable macros failed and after hours of trouble-shooting (which naturally included increasing delays), I found that disabling this resolved the problem. First time I believe I've ever had to do that.


Anyone else with similar issue or ideas on possible explanation?


This is Win 10, Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.836) and MXPro, and CPU usage during running attempts was never significant.


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Thanks for checking Cory.


With that option disabled it seemed to slow down macro text typing significantly, so I re-enabled it. Have not yet re-tried the problematic macros, but I suspect the issue might be related to the application to which they are scoped, Paint Shop Pro, not MXPro.


If so, it's OT, but in case anyone is curious...

Today I went to my Win 10 taskbar to open PSP8  and found two thumbnails available instead of just the usual one. Task Mgr confirmed two instances of Paint Shop Pro.exe. I opened one from the taskbar then clicked away and  went back  to try the second - but its thumbnail had vanished. Yet both still existed in TM. I then closed PSP 8 in the normal way - but both instances are still present in TM!


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