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Missing Syntax Check

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I duplicated this issue using Macro Express Pro 6. When the Syntax Error box is displayed and you click "Don't show this again", syntax checking is turned off and cannot be easily turned back on.


Syntax checking can be restored if you edit the registry and change

  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Insight Software Solutions\Macro Express 4\Editor\Check Syntax


to a value of 1.


I have reported this to Insight Software Solutions. There should be a better way to re-enable syntax checking.

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Hello Samrae,

Thank you for your informations!
There are no entries for the program in my registry. I have now noticed that I am using the portable version. Is it because of it?

In the MacExp.ini file I found a [Editor] section with the entry
Check syntax = 1


Your Tip with MacDef.exe I haven't tried  yet.


Best regards,


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Yes, if you are using the portable version the settings would be in an .INI file and not in the registry.


If the .INI file contains Check Syntax = 1 I would expect the syntax checking to work. To be sure, you could delete the line in the .INI file that contains Check Syntax to tell Macro Express to turn syntax checking back on.


Be sure that Macro Express is not running when you change the .INI file.


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