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A webinar on Macro Express!

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This Friday, I’ll be teaching a two-hour introductory session on Macro Express! I thought some who haunt this forum might be interested.


Automating Repetitive Tasks for People with Disabilities with Macros

A webinar presented by Alan Cantor in collaboration with The Network of Assistive Technologists


Friday 12 June 2020, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern time.


Cost: $54


To register: https://sites.google.com/view/automate-with-macros/registration



During this two-hour webinar, learn to create macros that enhance computer access for people with disabilities — and everybody else!


This is a hands-on session. After introducing each topic, I give you time to work through exercises. After each exercise, the group reconvenes on Zoom to discuss and show our work.


If you have questions during the exercises, meet me privately in a break-out room.


During the two weeks after the session, you can book a free, 15-minute consultation with me.


All course materials, including a recording of the webinar, will be archived and available to participants for 30 days.



- Assistive technologists

- IT support staff

- Rehabilitation professionals

- People with disabilities



- A Windows-based computer with Zoom installed

- Intermediate skills with Windows and Windows applications

- Before the course, download and install Macro Express Pro 6


Welcome:    10 minutes
Introduction to key sequences:    45 minutes (1 hands-on exercise)
Introduction to Macro Express Pro:    60 minutes (3 hands-on exercises)
Wrap-up and evaluation:    5 minutes


Accessibility notes for screen reader users
The Macro Express Pro user interface is mostly JAWS friendly. However, some screens may be challenging to access because the normal Windows keyboard interaction rules are different. The instructor will try to guide participants around these challenging screens.


About the instructor
I am a Toronto-based assistive technologist and job accommodation specialist with over 25 years of experience implementing macros. I maintain the Windows Macros FAQ, have published many articles on macros, and have facilitated more than 50 workshops and courses on macro scripting.


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