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I/O error 103 The semaphore can not be set again.

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I/O error 103  The semaphore can not be set again.

I got this error over and over last evening.  I'm surprised it hadn't happened before.  I was tinkering with a macro and made several changes to it, saving after each change.  Then I couldn't save any more, just got the above error message.    See attached screen shot -- the clue is at lower right in the system tray.  I don't know the exact mechanism, but the PC was uploading a very large file to Dropbox.  Meanwhile Dropbox apparently queued up the macro file to be uploaded, due to changes.  Eventually Dropbox must have put some kind of lock on the macro file, preventing more file changes.  Of course I panicked for a while, then made a guess that Dropbox was the problem.  Waited until the Dropbox synchronizing finished, then everything was OK. 


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3 hours ago, Cory said:

What's your question?


I don't have a question, I have an answer.  I put the information here in case it might be helpful to somebody else.  It goes beyond what I found when querying the ME problem database, and when querying this forum.  

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