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Macro for today's date

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Had written a detailed account about not knowing how to apply your code, then discovered Date/Time in Variables command, set the format I wanted, and presto - it works. Thank you.

However, what if Macro Express is not yet launched ? Ideally, JUST pressing CTRL D should enter today's date - Will that require M.E. to be launched at (every) StartUp ?


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A system that I've used for a long time is that typing ; in front of a string is a trigger for an autotext entry.  For example

;brb = be right back

For dates I use 


Also I have a number that indicates offset though...

;d0 = today

;d1 = tomorrow

;d3 = day after tomorrow.  


;d9 = nine days from now. 


At first I used 

;d-1 for yesterday

;d-2 for day before yesterday, and so on.  


Over the years it evolved into 




Which is easier to type.  


Unfortunately these have to be created as separate macros.  


I'm in the process of changing computers, so I've uninstalled MEp, otherwise I'd post an example.  The code is not complicated though... 


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