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Macro malfunctioning b/c of workstation environments...

Dylan Davis

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Hey there,

We've been using Macro Express 3 for a long time in conjunction with our EHR file management program Compulink.

Recently, however, all of workstations (which use the same networked Macro and Compulink), except one, have stopped functioning together. 


When the mouse tries to move into the window of Compulink, whatever Macro is running stops and crashes.


But it's not any of the files or programs because of course, each workstation pulls the program from the same network drive. So it's got to be something with all of out work stations, and frankly, they don't all fail in exactly the same way so it might be that each environment has multiple conflicting factors.


So...what are some things that have caused a similar situation (workstation environment complicating factors), in y'all's experience?



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