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All my Sample Macros have gone!

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All my Sample Macros have gone!


When I started my PC this morning there was a Pop-up window from Macro Express stating ‘Unable to find [something something file]’.

Now my samples.mex folder is empty.


Q1.  How/why did this happen?

Q2.  How do I get the Sample Macros back?

Many thanks - Mike

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If the file is gone, you may need to download it again from the Macro Express website.


If the file was inadvertently moved to another folder, finding it again is straightforward because you know the name of the file. One way zero in on a file on with a known name is to press the Windows key -- or click the Start button -- and immediately start typing the name of the file, i.e., samples.mex.


On some Windows 10 systems, you might need to press Windows + S to initiate a search.


Also check the Recycle bin.

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Here is another way:


1. Open Macro Express Explorer.

2. Click "File"

3. Click "Reopen..."

4. If the sample file appears on the list, choose it, and you should be good to go.


If you get a message that the file cannot be found, then you will know for certain that the file has been moved to another folder, renamed, or deleted.

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A copy of the samples.mex file can be found in the folder where the Macro Express program files are installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6). Use Windows File Explorer to copy this file to another folder then, within Macro Express, click File, Open File to open it.


You should not open the samples.mex file directly in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Macro Express Pro 6 folder.


Or, as acantor said, you can download samples.mex from here: Sample Macros.



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acantor / Samrae
Thank you for your replies.

When I started my PC on Tuesday all the Sample Macros were there.

I've no idea what happened or why I have two (the first one is empty).

It all seems to work now

Many thanks





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