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Script Error-Window could not be opened

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I'm able to execute my program, go into it and use it and then close it. When I close there was an error message underneath it:
Script Error
The following error was encountered:
Windows could not be found
Macro Name: CintaNotes-Open
Line Number: 1


Here is a sample of the code from Direct Editor:
<ACTIVATE OR LAUNCH Title="Activate or Launch" Exact_Match="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE" Path="A:\\PRG\\Notes\\CintaNotes\\CintaNotes.exe" Mode="\x00" Default_Path="FALSE" Wait="1"


Not a clue why.


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Yes. I can actually click on CintaNotes in this directory and execute. I can also past it into WIn+R and also execute. In Activate or Launch\Advanced\Program/Path name:


Also activates. Here is the macro I'm using:

Activate or Launch


Select the window command: Activate the window if it exists, otherwise launch the program

Window Title: Activate or Launch

Partial Match


Activate or Launch


Program/name: A:\PRG\Notes\CintaNotes\CintaNotes.exe

Run Mode: Normal



Window Title: CintaNotes

The window must be on top (which it is)

The title is a partial match

Do not include hidden windows

Program Name: A:\PRG\Notes\CintaNotes\CintaNotes.exe

The program must be on top


I also going to CintaNotes to make sure the options are set to be friendly with MEP

Options\Windows\Always on Top & Minimize to system tray and Close to system tray are turned off.


But, when I run debug in the Macro Express Pro Script Editor I get the following error message:
On Error:  Window could not be following (0X0006)


Activate or Launch

This when I debug


My Results when I execute the macro, Using, Run Macro Now

Strange as it seems:

It does allow CintaNotes  to load, allowing me to open and close notes. When I exit CintaNotes that's when I see the error the message box, as I listed in my original message.




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In regards to the A Drive, I have been using both A & B Drive's for about 10 years or more. I try to put as little as I can on the C drive for backup purposes. The A drive holds most of my valued data while the B drive wholes my temporary backups.

A for Actual valued data

B for BK Backup files before they are moved to the X drive which is the final resting place for my backups. At least until moved to an external drive .

Not too original but to each their own I guess, right.


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Ever since floppies went out of style I've used my A and B letters. I will always make my OS drive C because eventually I'll find someone who assumes that the OS drive is C in their software, but my main data drive is A. Why would you want to forsake A and B? 

Bob you might try running MEP with admin privileges. 

In a few cases I've had to resort to using TaskKill. You might want to check it out.  I hope you get MEP to work first, but in the event it doesn't this works well. 

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If you are active in the application, have you considered closing it by using it's commands? 

Or have you considered using the Windows keyboard shortcut Alt+F4. That is the same as clicking the X in the upper right of a WinForm. 

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Hi all,

I am stuck hope someone can help me please.

This is my Macro to close a search control:

<WAIT FOR CONTROL Control="%Error1%" Option="\x06" Indefinite="TRUE" Hours="0" Minutes="0" Seconds="0"/>
<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ENTER>"/>
<IF CONTROL Option="\x06" Variable="%Suche ergebnislos%"/>
<GET CONTROL Flags="0" Program_Name="EXCEL.EXE" Class="#32770" Title="Microsoft Excel" Control="\"OK\",\"Button\"" Variable="%Suche ergebnislos%" Caption="Microsoft Excel" Partial="FALSE" Wildcards="FALSE"/>
<SET FOCUS Control="%Suche ergebnislos%"/>
<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ESC>"/>
<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<ESC>"/>
Once the control is focused it closes the Control, the problem I have got is that once the control is not displayed I get the error control does not exist.


No matter what I have tried I cant seem to catch that error message.


What would be the correct way to capture the error message "Control does not exist" please.


Kind regards

Hans Peter Betzler

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Hans I suggest in the future you create a new post for a new topic.


As I recently explained, all commands that have a potential for failing should use the "Catch Error" commands. Whatever exception can be thrown by a command can be handled here without crashing the program. 

But you should also be putting to condition existence in a logic block. If Control Exists, Else. 

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