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Down Arrow does not get obeyed

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This is my third post about trying to get Active Desktop Calendar EXPORT automated. First post got a useful reply. Second post, I should not have made. Now I am stuck again. I have the drop down open, but ALT E does NOT result in the Export window opening, even though the drop-down lists Export with an underscored E. I've experimented with time delays from 1 to 5 seconds. I've also been unable to shift the  highlighting down to Export with Down Arrow.

ADC Export.JPG

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I'm not familiar with Active Desktop Calendar, but usually after Alt-d to open a menu like that, you would type "e" to go to the item within the menu, rather than "Alt-e". 


I don't know what your Delay is needed for -- does it take a long time for the Data Menu to open?

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rberq nailed it. You want to output "e" to navigate to the menu item.


You might need a very short delay for the menu to open, but 0.5 seconds should be plenty. You might be able to get by with no delay (although I usually allow 0.2 or 0.3 seconds for menu activation).


Alternatively, instead of outputting "e" you may be able to use the down and up arrow keys. Maybe this:


<Down><Down><Down>...   <Enter>


or perhaps....


<Up><Up><Up>...   <Enter>


My inclination would be to chose the method that requires the fewest keystrokes.

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