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Do I Need A Screen?


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One of my scheduled macros does certain screen operations (eg: open windows, select files, drag & drop, etc) and runs flawlessly.

However when the screen is not available (same screen serves several servers via KVM) the macro doesn't run. Why?

After all, the screen is just an output device. Or am I wrong?





Edit: Problem solved :D

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What did you do to solve it Oded?

Well, after thinking again I wasn't sure anymore that the problem was (only) the screen, as also the keyboard and mouse were missing... So I didn't know (and actually don't know now too) if it's the screen, the keyboard, the mouse or all of them...

I used the screen, mouse and keyboard to select several files and create a .zip file (by drag & drop.)

I've changed it by performing command line actions, namely launching winrar and using "program parameters" to tell winrar exactly what to do.

Works flawlessly :D


Best regards,


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