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I am trying to find a better way to capture game movement. I am playing around with Quake2 doing some jumps and such, and I was curious if I could record a jump, and play it with macro express later.


If this were possible, I could have two versions running so that I could record demos and such from different angles. It's a weird hobby, but...


Anyway, when I do record and then play, it just acts weird. It seems like it isn't playing back in real time.


Help would be appreciated!


Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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I think that the original settings on macexp are not sufficient for recording a jump. Does anyone know of any way (even using another program) that would record exactly what is happening. E.g. it would even record the slight delays between moving the mouse cursor from A to B?

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I've tried this before, mouse movement is not the problem, however key button DOWN is the problem. I think the ONLY way to do this is to remap your forward, back, and strafe keys onto buttons that allow BUTTON DOWN AND BUTTON UP such as Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Middle Mouse button, Control, Alt, Shift etc.. Good luck

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