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Consider waiting before you install Macro Express Pro

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I installed the latest upgrade yesterday -- Version There may be display problem with the Script Editor.


I'm only able to view the first screen of the script (about 20 or 21 lines). If I scroll down beyond the first screen via arrow keys or mouse, the display "breaks" and the lines of instruction become unreadable.


I reported the issue to Insight yesterday.


If you have already updated to, please try to reproduce the problem. For me, the display issue does not happen when I create a script. It only happens after I have saved the script, closed it, and reopened it.




Tmp MEP.jpg

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Thanks, Alan. I think I understand what is happening:


In the distant past, Insight asked whether I would be OK to receive pre-release versions of Macro Express. I must have agreed, and I'd forgotten about it.


Since then, I occasionally receive a new version. Most of the time, the changes are small and I don't notice any differences. Starting a year or two ago, Macro Express began automatically checking whether updates are available. I assumed (incorrectly) that all users received this upgrade.


So that's the situation: Yesterday I received a pre-release version, I spotted a bug, and I reported it to Insight. Presumably the problem will be fixed in time for the next general release; whether that will be weeks or months from now, I don't know.


So the problem I posted here is irrelevant. Most MEP users will never see this release.

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