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Autosaving Image From Clipboard


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Sorry if its been posted before, I tried searching and looked through about 15 pages before I made this post. Anyways...my problem is this:


I am currently running the get pixel color command to constantly check a program that is running. When the program is finished running, a prompt will occur on the screen in which case the repeat variable that is running will then proceed.


This is where I get stuck. I then have ME Alt+PrntScn the current window which saves ONLY that small window with the information on it to the clipboard. I then want it to be able to save the image to a folder with the specific "group" number that will remain constant plus the current date.



1111 is the constant number 051229 is the date. I want the file to be automatically named for the 1111 group as 1111051229.jpg.


The program would then go on to the next "group": 2222. So then I would want it to save the next file for that group and day as 2222051229.jpg


etc, etc through all the numbered groups that I have to save an image for that day.



I can't find a command to save the image from the clipboard to a graphic file without ME trying to specifically prompt for a file name and location. As this script will be run daily during weekdays, I want to be able to start it up and walk away from it while it does its thing and save the graphic with the group number and current date.

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