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Adding a hotkey: What Order?

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What order are hotkey candidates meant to be? Was it not once in strict alphabetic sequence? IOW, all hotkeys Alt+ before Ctrl+, etc? At present it's hard to see any logic to the sequence, which makes selecting one difficult, especially if you have many hundreds already assigned.




Hotkey Order 2.jpg

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Hi Terry,

I don't remember whether the list of hotkeys used to be in alphabetical order. The list appears to be (loosely) organized by modifier key combinations such as "Alt + ...", "Ctrl + Alt + ...",  "Ctrl + ...", etc.


Strict alphabetical order in terms of modifier key combinations (e.g., "Alt + Ctrl + Insert" instead of "Ctrl + Alt + Insert" might make the list less unruly. Consider filing a feature request with Insight.

But any list of this length -- about 915 items -- is inherently unruly. I don't usually review the list in search of hotkey candidates. The sheer number of items in the list makes the task too daunting... for me, anyways.

I start with the hotkey that makes sense to me and type it into the text box. If the hotkey I have in mind is already in use, I try another. After pressing a hotkey that is not available, I sometimes glance at the list to see if a similar hotkey is available. But I rarely go hunting in the list.


I tend to gravitate to certain hotkeys. For example, I have assigned "Alt + C" to seven macros, and "Esc" to twelve macros. As long as scripts are window or program specific, there's no conflict.

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Thanks Alan.


I’ll contact Support about it, as it really would be helpful to get it alphabetised. Just as it is in the Explorer window. That’s my usual first visit before choosing a new hot key, to ensure no global macros will conflict.


Have you not encountered difficulties with Alt+ hotkeys, due to Alt often opening a program’s menu?



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Have you not encountered difficulties with Alt+ hotkeys, due to Alt often opening a program’s menu?


There were never problems until I got Windows 10... zero issues with Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, and 7. I didn't try in Windows 8.


The macros are less reliable now, but I'm managing.

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