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How To Use "if Window Running"


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I hav a macro that have a repeat function build in.


I would like the macro to stop after the first run, if a specified window is running.


I have attach the start of my macro to show what I have done, but it does not work.


have I done it wrong??


2. The window I would like to specified has the name "request xxxxxxx"

xxxxxxx is a dif. number every time.

I surpose that when I specifie the window, I can just write "request" in the box and click in the partial match box ???


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The short answer is yes, your macro will not run. It is unclear as to what you are trying to do. Do you want to exit the repeat loop when any window with "Request" in the title starts running or should it exit only for a specific "Request xxxxxxx" window? Also, the Macro Playback Speed command need only be placed once in a macro, so remove it from the loop and place it at the beginning of you macro.

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