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It seem the macro starts after some milliseconds...

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I try to create a macro that clic on a button (with a lot of specificities that is useless to detail here). I'm not a noob, but as the macro need to be spammed, I realised that macro express is a lot laggy, and for each internal macro, there is a delay of at least 200ms before the macro runs.


I call "Internal macro", the macros I use to increment to add more variables, for exemple (first line) 



I'm using ME pro 4.9.


What's the problem with the lag and how to fix it ? I must create a macro per key on keyboard (and 10 keys), but some needs more actions so that's why it need a macro for each, and as far as I know, I can't resume all in one macro that observe what key I press (and anyway I have to load other internal macros that will also lags. 

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  • ikodan changed the title to It seem the macro starts after some milliseconds...

100 ms is too long? It takes me 10 minutes to wake up in the morning!


If your scripts are hotkey activated, try unchecking "Wait for HotKey to be released before activating." But be aware that there may be undesirable side-effects. I find the feature works best when there is a single, unmodified key as activation, e.g., F10  or NumPad / rather than (for example) Ctrl + F10.



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