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Stuck On Syntax/logic (newbie)


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I just started evaluating Macro Express, for now just to enhance gameplay in some PC games, though I may get more creative with it later. I really like the scripting editor so far; it looks like it will make things much easier for the programming and scripting challenged like myself.


Math, programming, scripting and logic... these were always the most difficult subjects for me. If anyone could offer advice to help me finish up my macro, I would be very grateful.


For my first macro I am trying to do something that is probably very simple, but I've gotten myself stuck. I'm most likely taking an unnecessarily complex approach. I have looked through help docs, but it's difficult to search help by keyword, when I'm not sure of the precise terminology. ;)




Anyway, the simplified logic of what I want my macro to accomplish is below. Using Logitech mouse software, I mapped a button on the side of my mouse to perform a CTRL+ALT+U keystroke combo, and want to use it to start/stop the macro.


[in the full-screen game window]


Repeat Until key-press (CTRL+ALT+U)


--key-press "1"


--delay 250ms


--key-press "2"


--delay 250ms


--key-press "3"


--delay 7800m


Repeat End



The first macro I made worked just fine, but when I abort the macro with the program hotkey (SCROLL+PAUSE) it minimizes the game to the task bar and Macro Express displays an abort dialogue. This leads to a very quick virtual-death in the game. ;) That's the problem I'm trying to work around. I scoured the help docs and every page in Preferences, but I could find no way to disable the pause/abort dialogue pop-up.


I *hoped* that I might resolve this issue by adding an internal detection for a keypress that would stop the macro. I modified the above pseudo-logic, and added a N1 variable. (just learning as I go at this point) At the beginning of the macro, I manually set N1=0, and tell the script to loop until N1=1. I thought I would just cause the CTRL+ALT+U key-press combo to change the variable to N1=1, which would stop the macro. However, I can not figure out how to cause a key-press to change the N1 variable.


So, below I have my meager attempt at this, with no logic for modifying the N1 variable by key-press. I don't even know if this approach will work. I'm really just guessing on my logic, and even if it is correct, it might just give me the same macro abort pop-up dialogue that I received with my first macro attempt.



Macro Playback Speed: Normal Speed

Variable Set Integer %N1% to 0

Repeat Until %N1% = 1

If Variable %N1% = 0

Text Type: <1>

Delay 250 Milliseconds

Text Type: <2>

Delay 250 Milliseconds

Text Type: <3>

Delay 7800 Milliseconds


Macro Stop

End If

Repeat End



This is where I'm at now. Any help would be great!

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The Macro Abort message can be turned off by downloading the TweakMe Macro from: http://www.macros.com/downmore.htm. This is a playable macro that you can save to your desktop and run by double clicking on it. When you run the macro, it will activate a window with several options. Check the option "Macro Stop Abort Message" and then press the OK button. This will then give you the option to either turn message off or on.

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