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Hi Terry,


I used to rely on the "Beep" command to signal that everything was working with a script -- or that a script had failed. But I got out of the habit when I had my previous laptop. I couldn't get "Beep" to make any sound, and wasn't able to figure out why. But it works fine on the computer I purchased last year.


On my Windows 10 system, the Macro Express "Beep" command triggers the "Asterix" (a.k.a. "Windows Background.wav") sound.


It is possible to change the default beeping sound:


Control Panel > Sound > Sounds

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Hi Alan,


Thanks, so yours is the same as mine. But none of the available sounds by that route is a Beep.


I'd like the MX Pro command to revert to a Beep, as its name implies. Mainly because it's distinctive and not dependent on my having switched on my speakers, as it uses the internal speaker. Which I understood is the one that helps identify bootup issues. Of course, it's possible my memory is failing faster than I'd like, and this PC doesn't have an internal speaker!  😉




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