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Challenge: a macro to create new files and/or folders in Windows File Explorer

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Unfortunately, changing window titles to full paths in File Explorer doesn't prevent "KnownFolders" from displaying. For my style of working, I prefer the path in the title bar. The location of a folder within the folder hierarchy is more valuable to me than a description of what Microsoft expects me to use the folder for!


I'm tempted to try the Registry hack. Thank you, Terry, for pointing it out.

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1 hour ago, terrypin said:

With full paths in the titles, and my typically large number of FE folders open, I found identification difficult. Often I could rarely see the lowest level subfolder name because the window was not wide enough.


True, the path is truncated on the right.


Wouldn't it be good if Microsoft offered the option of truncating the left side of the path in the title bar instead of the right?



Top image: The title bar now.

Bottom image: How I wish the title bar was arranged!

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So true!


When I was new to Macro Express, I tried window-specific scopes like : \ which should handle any path that appeared in the title bar.


c: \

c: \XXX

d: \

d: \YYY



In those days, many programs included the path to the current file in the title bar, but that practice has gone out of fashion.

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