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How to correct mis-converted 3.x macros

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I was a user of 3.x for many years.  I upgraded to 6.2 Pro.


6.2 imported my large 3.x macro file and in so doing it automatically converted them. To my surprise, it mishandled all website openings.  Example:


Instead of


<WEBSITE URL="http://www.hp.com" Wait="FALSE" Default_Browser="TRUE" NoEmbeddedVars="FALSE" _IGNORE="0x000C"/>


I got



<TEXT TYPE Action="0" Text="<WEB SITE URL=\"http://www.hp.com\" Wait=\"FALSE\" Default_Browser=\"TRUE\" _IGNORE=\"0x000C\"/>"/>


which doesn't work.


I started the process of manually editing them. I have so many.  I stopped after doing 100 of them to ask the group if there is a better way. Is there a way of mass editing this inside or outside of Macro Express?




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I think you might be able to Export > Output Macro Information, make changes, and import. I would suggest trying one simple macro to see if it works before trying the big one. And back up all your data. 

You might also contact ISS support

Also please report the bug to ISS

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Thank you Cory.  I did this and it exported everything into a .TXT file. I think I can edit just the lines I need to fix without messing with the layout.


My plan when I'm done is make a new macro file and import this .TXT file as the basis macro file for all my former macros. 


How do I import it?



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I think it's just Import > Import Text File ...

It's been a decade probably since I've messed with this. 

BTW you could also create a macro to modify those lines 🙂 

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Well nothing against ISS as it's hard to describe, but importing a text file might sound like CSV data or something. I'll suggest they change the wording. I think "Import Macro Text File" might be better.   

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