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MEX Pro Variable Prompt on Save

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Hey everyone, 


I enabled the prompt to create variables when they don't exist.

Options -> Preferences -> General -> Dialogs -> Prompt the user to create a variable that is not defined.

For some odd reason, I don't get the prompt when I save a macro on one of my PCs. I only get the prompt when I edit each line of code that has a variable in it that doesn't exist. While on the other PCs I can just save the entire macro and get a prompt for each undefined variable.


Did I miss something in the options?



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In my experience it will only prompt you when your in a command edit dialog. Saving or other operations will not trigger a prompt. Mostly I've seen this when I copy parts of code from another macro, which is another reason why it's a good idea to create many small macros to act as functions or subroutines. Never write the same code twice. 

But AFAIK, what you are experiencing is normal and there's no option that will cause the scripting editor to prompt you to declare variables when saving. 

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