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Create a macro of macros (join two macros together as one macro)?

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I think you want to use the "Macro Run" command to run the macro like a subroutine. You can also control which variables you pass to that macro in the "Make this variable available to macros called by this macro" option in the variable definition. 

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Thanks Cory.  I've only ever used the wizards before and although I've tried to follow your suggestion, it's not simple enough for my basic understanding.


I've attached the 2 macros I need joining together - the first one is 'Activate...'  I then need Macro Express to key ALT+C (which is the app's internal shortcut) (4x speed) and then run the 'Enclose...' macro.ActivateWinCatalogWindowFromTaskbar.mex


Thanks again!


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Here are some instructions that may help you do what you want to do.


1. Each Macro Express macro has a nickname, including those that you have created via the Wizard. It's possible to omit the nickname when creating a macro, and they will work. But to do what you want to do, ensure both macros have nicknames. Let's assume the nickname for the first is "AAAA" and for the second, "CCCC".


2. Create a new macro.


3. Choose a new activation. For example, if your first macro is activated by Alt + A and your second macro is activated by Alt + C, choose something else for the new macro that's going to combine AAAA and CCCC. Let's choose Alt + Z for now. (You might as well assign the new macro its own nickname. Maybe "ZZZZ??")


4. In the Script Editor, find the "Macro Run" command, and insert it. Specify the nickname as AAAA.


5. Repeat, but this time, the nickname will be CCCC. The script will look something like this:

Macro Run: AAAA
Macro Run: CCCC


6. Save the macro. Then test it using the activation you chose in Step 3.

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