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Process a string, in order to analyse the rythm of a text ?

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I have a string, for exemple :

%string% = "This is a sentence, I want to analyse the rythm."


Is there a way to put each caracter in an array like : %s_letter[%n%]% ? 

%s_letter[1]% = T

%s_letter[2]% = h

%s_letter[3]% = i

%s_letter[4]% = s


Because I want to make a macro that analyse in all ways a text, for "This is" :

consonant vowel Th i s i s = 2 1 1 1 1

letters in words : This is = 4 2
uppercase : T hisis = 1 5

letters between the ponctuation : "This is a sentence, I want to analyse the rythm." = 15 22



Thank you for help. 

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There are many ways to test for evenness / oddness, including this:


Variable Set Decimal %Value%: Prompt
Variable Modify Decimal: %HalfValue% = %Value% / 2
Variable Modify Decimal %HalfValue%: Remove Integer Portion (%DecimalsOnly%)
If Variable %DecimalsOnly% Equals "0"
  Text Box Display: Even
  Text Box Display: Odd
End If


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Truncate to Integer also works. There are many ways to do it. But I like acantor's method best. It's essentially like how I woudl use the modulus function in .NET. 

I also recommend making this a macro you can use as a function with Macro Run. Call it "Is Even" or something and return a Boolean. Anytime I have somehting like this which is an isolated nugget of functionality I make it a small macro I can use anytime as a subroutine or function. 

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