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A three-hour workshop on Macro Express (and other customization techniques)

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On 25 May 2021, I’ll be teaching a three-hour long hands-on course (over Zoom) on software customization at the Guelph Accessibility Conference. The tools we will be learning about are Macro Express, AutoHotkey, and Microsoft Office customization techniques.

You can register for my course without registering for the conference. The fee for my course is $135 (Canadian dollars).


Introduction to Software Customization for Windows

25 May,  1 - 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Taught over Zoom


Many applications have features that people with disabilities have difficulty accessing — or cannot access. During this hands-on session, we actually repair accessibility and usability failures. By modifying the behaviour of keyboards, mice, and programs, we "tailor" solutions to better fit the physical, cognitive, and learning needs of individuals.


-        Macro software

-        Keyboard remapping

-        Mouse modifications

-        Shortcut techniques


Participants will:

-        Understand macros basics. 

-        Know the steps to create Macro Express scripts, activate them, and set their "scope" (so a macro is recognized in only one program).

-        Know how to use AutoHotkey to remap keys or mouse buttons.

-        Know how to add a hotkey to any Microsoft Office application, and assign a hotkey to any feature in Microsoft Word in two ways.


Register for the Guelph Accessibility Conference




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