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Shortkeys Not Working


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I can no longer get shortkeys to activate reliably in ME installs we have across our organisation. They still work on my PC, but seemed to have stopped working altogether on some of my users PC's, and on a freshly imaged PC running 3.5e.


Even if I create a brand new shortkey macro, it still won't run. Other macros run okay, but not shortcuts.


Am I missing something basic, or ha sa windows patch or something disabled shortkeys?


It's driving me mad! I've tried restoring keyboard hooks to no effect.



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Try clicking on Options and then selecting Preferences from the Macro Explorer to activate the Options window. Select ShortKeys from the options on the left side of the window. This will display the preferences to activate a ShortKey. Double check and make sure all of the settings are the same as on one of your working machines.

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